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I'm Eagle Lake grandma, and I'm a survivor of Stage 3c Endometrial Cancer
I am almost 7 year stage 4 HPV + SCC Tonsil Cancer survivor and still have phlegm issues. Xylimelts and drinking hot liquids are the only things that loosen the phlegm for me.
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Hi, I'm Betti
I felt the same as you post#7. I used to do mammograms for a living and when I was diagnosed it somewhat caught me off guard but knew it was a real possibility during my first biopsy knowing I hea...
  • about 12 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm Forestfox
I am on Ibrance and Faslodex forbc bone mets, too Seems to be working for6 months. Yes I am dealing with pain. Just taking 5 mg oxycodone. Wish I could take something less addictive. It must b...
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Hi, I'm Betti
I meant to say-Did they stitch it in?
  • Sat Sep 21, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm Alfred M.
Side affects: Lack of energy and some rash
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Live everyday being hapoy. Don't waste them being sad!
I've been having a type of pain like never before. It starts with a throbbing pain in my back and it's like it just builds up to a pain explosion through my body. It's very painful and haven't had ...
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I'm Mary A., and I'm a survivor of Lung Cancer
I’m going on my 8th treatment with Keytruda. Last CT scan showed my lung cancer has been reduced to the size of a pin head. No side effects from the infusion at all. Original diagnosis was stage 4 ...
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Hi, I'm bob holliday
Americans have long had a trusting relationship with their family doctor. This i...
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Hi, I'm Ruth A P.
I was diagnosed with Stage 1 BC in November 2017. Surgery in December, reexcision in January, 16 chemo treatments, 18 radiation treatments, then started Anastrozole. Only side effects I have notic...
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Hi, I'm Deborah C.
Having a gene mutation is a game need to be Proactive. Having a double mastectomy is what all need to will come back in the remaining breast in mother has had this hap...
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