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Hi, I'm CINDY H.
Post #1 Those pockets are so helpful! I also have hanging pillows that I wore on my sides that were so helpful even months after the drains were removed. Check with other organizations for distribu...
  • Wed Sep 4, 2019 · Like1
Hi, I'm JohnDavid
You sound pretty good. I see my oncologist tomorrow for our monthly appointment and PSA test. I’ve been on Lupron and Zytiga since Oct ‘18, but had to switch to Xtandi along with the Lupron six wee...
  • Mon Sep 2, 2019 ·
Hi! I was stage 4 also. Although, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins. I have had psoriasis and it flared up pretty badly when I was diagnosed. That’s what it sounds like to me. There are different s...
  • Mon Sep 2, 2019 ·
I'm Elaine L., and I'm a survivor of Breast Cancer
A week out from surgery I kept thinking "I don't want to do this." Then I would answer myself with "You don't have a choice if you want to live." I was still thinking the same thoughts when they wh...
  • Sun Sep 1, 2019 · Like2
Hi Kat, You seem to have the right frame of mind to deal with all this. None of us actually knows what exactly is going to happen. Not even the doctors. Sure statistics are written, but....Keeping ...
  • Sun Sep 1, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm Ruth E S.
I am 80 yrs old . Have (pleomerphic) rhabdomyoscaroma # 4 in my lungs.Started chemo July 2018, after surgery and radiation of the leg where it started. Votrient is the 5th cancer drug I have tak...
  • Sat Aug 31, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm Ian
I was timed out so I couldn't finish my post. I receive the Gamma Globulin Infusions for a rare form of Myasthenia Gravis.
  • Wed Aug 28, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm DY3025
For the past 4 years I have been on either Zoladex, Eligard, or Lupron and have gone through the cycles of hot flashes. I have never taken anything to reduce the hot flashes but 10 days ago stopped...
  • Wed Aug 28, 2019 ·
I'm Barb DeGraaf, and I'm a survivor of Breast Cancer
I have been on Anastrozole for a year. 61 years old, stage 1 IDC, negative lymph nodes. My oncologist told me that I would be on for 5-10 years. Thankfully, minimal side effects so far. Good luck!
  • Mon Aug 26, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm Bob Y
Do you ever get any lower back pains as a result of side affects from Imbruvica?
  • Mon Aug 26, 2019 ·

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